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If you've been trying to cover up stains, rips, and tears in your car seats with a blanket or other "improvisational" means, Fantauzzi Upholstery wants to talk to you. You'll be amazed at how quickly we work, and how low our prices are.


You know it looks tacky, and so does your family. Put that blanket back where it belongs. Bring your vehicle to Fantauzzi Upholstery today.

Blankets belong on beds

Our service doesn't take a back seat to anyone!

Is your vehicle looking like it's gone down too many miles of a bad road? Let the professionals at Fantauzzi Upholstery give it back that "showroom floor" sparkle.


Whether it's a vintage muscle car needing a complete re-do or your kid spilled a sippy cup in your late-model mini-van, you'll take pride in your ride once more.

A job for the pros

We've fixed enough botched do-it-yourself jobs on car upholstery to know that you shouldn't try this at home. Call us today.

  -   Convertible tops

  -   Car seats, consoles, and headliners

  -   Leather or fabric kits

  -   Carpeting

Drive on over to us

"These folks re-upholstered the driver's side of our old BMW and did a fantastic job. We're going to use them again on another old car we have." - Steve F.